Our beer

Year Round Beers

Yinzenstiner Hefeweizen: 

ABV  4.8%

Traditionally unfiltered and refreshing German style hefeweizen.

Horsi Stout
ABV 5%

A wonderfully dark and amazingly light oatmeal stout.


Lucky's Black IPA:  

ABV 6.5%

Wonderfully complex, up front roasted character balanced with bright hops on the back end.

HYFI India Pale Ale:
ABV 7%
American style India Pale Ale hopped / double dry hopped generously with Cascade, Mosaic, Warrior and Magnum hops.
Braddock's Blonde Ale
ABV 4.6%
A very crisp SMaSH beer.  SMaSH stands for single malt and single hop.  We use extra pale malt and citrusy cascade hops to make this slightly hoppy blonde ale.  
Seasonal and periodic release Beers

Forth & Clyde Scotch style ale: 

ABV  8%

Traditionally brewed using peat smoked malt imported from Scotland to bring out the sweet and smoky characteristics of a true Scotch Ale. 

(Periodic release)


Grand Reserve Belgian style tripel:            ABV 9.5%

A true Belgian style Tripel with warm notes of esters, vanilla and clove. Brewed traditionally with respect for this wonderful style.  

​(Periodic release)


Lindencross Double IPA:

ABV 8%

Beautiful amber English style double IPA with ample kettle and dry hopped goodness, balanced by its complex malty depth.

​​​​​​​(Periodic release)


Diesel Dwarf German Style Altbier:

ABV: 5.5%

A beautiful deep copper Old world style Altbier made using German & Czech hops.

(Early Fall)


Drowsy Emperor British style brown ale: 

ABV  6.5%

A wonderful brown ale that is traditionally brewed to be roasted and malty with a true British style hop presence.



Elwood Island Irish Style Red ale:

ABV 5.5%

Traditionally brewed to be sweet and malty in the true Irish style. 

​(Early Spring)


Efit Session IPA

ABV  4.5%

A very drinkable session IPA with a light malt body and a beautiful hop profile from Azacca, Cascade, and Amarillo hops.  Perfect for the IPA lover that wants a little less alcohol in a full flavored beer.  

(Late spring) 
Kwinn Kolsch:  
ABV 5%
A truly crisp and refreshing German style Kolsch that is wonderfully drinkable and satisfying.(Summer)
*****​​​​​​​NOW AVAILABLE*****